Property Management & Board of Directors

We are the board of directors of Craigleith Shores, a group of 5 people elected by you to oversee the operation of the condominium. We would like to take this opportunity to let all the unit owners and residents of this condominium know that we are here to work for you.

We thank all of you who attend the annual general meetings (AGM) or send suggestions to the property manager about how to improve the functioning of our condominium complex. If you have any ideas that could make this building a better place we want to hear from you. It is also important than residents report problems to the management company. If a certain door in the common areas is broken, a shower in the swimming pool change room is leaking, etc report it to the property manager. The 24/7 hotline number is 705-441-5920

Have you been treated unfairly in the past? Have your complaints been ignored? We want to change all that by establishing a direct link between the board and you. We also would like to welcome any residents that are willing to lend their talents to the betterment of the community as a whole. You do not have to be on the board to contribute if you think you have some spare time and skills that can be of use for this community please contact us.

The Board of Directors :

Rolf Von Heyking : President -

Carlos Guio : Treasurer   -

Vivian Rimar: Board member   -

Gordon Richard Villoza: Board member   -

Cynthia Burford : Board member -



Members of the Board of Directors of a condominium corporation are responsible for the management and administration of the affairs of the condominium corporation as prescribed by the Condominium Act, 1998 and the declaration, by-laws and rules of the condominium corporation.

Board Members, in carrying out their duties, should be committed to the following principles:

  • Exercise duties honestly, in good faith, and in the best interests of the condominium corporation;
  • Represent the interests of the unit owners and the condominium corporation as a whole and not any individual constituency;
  • Respect the responsibilities that have been delegated by the Board to the Manager and avoid interfering with the Manager's responsibilities;
  • Work positively, cooperatively, and respectfully with other Directors, the Manager and staff;
  • Understand and comply with the provisions of the Condominium Act, and the declaration, by-laws and rules of the condominium corporation;
  • Understand and comply with the provisions of the Condominium Act and the corporation's by-laws regarding confidentiality and conflict of interest;
  • Support the decisions of the Board once they have been made and refrain from discussing divisions of opinion outside the boardroom;
  • Become more educated and informed about the operations of the condominium corporation and the key issues that affect the unit owners, the condominium corporation and management;
  • Fulfillment of Board member responsibilities requires an average commitment of 5-8 hours per month.


Property Management Office

Mareka Properties (2000) Ltd.

Address : 278 Manitoba Street Toronto, ON M8Y 4G9

Telephone : 416.255.7300 or

Toll Free: 1-888-326-0105

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